UW Libraries Field Trip

  1. Initial Steps at EW

    1. Read me first!  Tips from last year’s students.
    2. Fun factsheet about the UW Libraries
    3. Source collection worksheet – Print me and bring when complete!
    4. Ms. R’s UW Orientation Lesson
    5. Shelving Locations at Suzallo here.  IMPORTANT!  Scroll add  to your Source Worksheet. Note: Odegaard books are all on the 3rd floor.
    6. University of Washington Library Catalog:  http://www.lib.washington.edu
    7. Special Collections Sign Up FORM

2.  Primary Source help

  • UW LIBRARIES SUBJECT GUIDES – Great starting place!
    • These guides are created by librarians and contain the best resources (article databases, background information, web sites and more) for your research assignments.

3.   Still stuck?  Try these

  • Databases (Onsite at UW: Search by database title or by research subject. Offsite: For some databases, you may be able to search and see article titles/abstracts without full text.)
  • Contact the UW Libraries via email, chat or phone.

4.  While on Campus Help

  • Interactive UW Map
  • UW Libraries List and Info
  • Getting to UW:
    • Driving directions
    • Parking

5. SURVEY after!

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