Science Links

IB Rediscover Reading Project

Energy in the News Tips – Priest

  • Databases: Opposing Viewpoints and Britannica
  • Google NEWS search
  • Newsela – simple online news source. Limited entries.
  • Search Term Ideas: Energy Crisis, Energy in the News, Coal Energy, The EVENT Name once you’ve found one!

USA Gov for Science
Index to various government documents and databases in the sciences. Authoritative and free!

BBC Science and Nature Visuals
Lots of interactive visuals of the body. Much of this is also useful for psychology and human behavior.

Science Daily
Offers a collection of links to the most recent science, technology and medical research results from leading universities and organizations around the world.

Authoritative and comprehensive health topics.

Good collection of links to free, authoritative sites linked to general information on genetics as well as specific conditions linked to genes, such as ALS.

National Science Digital Library
Searchable by topic, age level, type of file. Includes research, lessons, interactive materials, video in STEM disciplines. Funded by National Science Foundation.

“Quackwatch is now an international network of people who are concerned about health-related frauds, myths, fads, fallacies, and misconduct.” From their mission statement. Hosted by a physician whose special expertise and interest is keeping people medically safe