Tech Tips for Making a Podcast:

  1. Define Your Task  
    • Get Background Knowledge: Listen to some professional and student podcasts
    • Review requirements
    • Choose a topic you CARE about! 
    • Listen
      1. EWHS podcasts on Soundcloud!!!!!
      2. 50 Best Podcasts for High School Students
      3. Best Podcasts for Teens (and Apps) 
      4. Get HOOKED on Serial, it’s the must hear.
  2. Develop Search Strategies
    • Build Background Knowledge and develop Search Terms List
    • Suggested sources: Books, Brittanica, Opposing Viewpoints, PEOPLE!
    • Learn 10 things about topic on your own before you:
    • Plan interview questions and who you will interview?
  3. Locate and Access Information
    • Create a shared Google Drive Folder – Share with group and teachers
    • CONTACT  interviewees, email teachers to schedule interviews
    • Gather books and database articles to support the theme
  4. Gather Information
    1. Conduct and record interviews
      1. Cell phone: Use voice recorder – save to Drive
      2. Chromebook: Vocaroo or Soundtrap
    2. Save clips in shared Drive folder
    3. Take notes and create a narrative script
    4. Record narration
      1. Use Vocaroo (download recording as mp3) -simple tool for you to record clips and save them.
      2. Or Soundtrap
      3. Or your phone
  5. Organize for Presentation:  Build and edit the Podcast!
    1. Get Soundtrap for Education.
      • Join a group:
      • Get GROUP Codes from Ms. R to sign in. (19Louie)
      • Group 2 Code test
    2. Practice Assignment
      • Record your voice IN Soundtrap
      • Import an audio file you have from Vocaroo
      • Watch this for tips from Ms. R
    3.  Instructional Videos to look at
      • Soundtrap’s Youtube Channel
      • Podcast Tools for Beginners – helpful video
      • Soundtrap FAQ page
      • The student in your group with the “tech” role creates a podcast
      • Name it: Year Teacher Name Topic (17 Branom Diversity)
      • Share it with your teammates
      • Create a Google folder with the same name.  Share it with Ms. R, your teacher, and your teammates.
        • This folder is where ALL the clips for the podcast will be held
    5. Collect Clips
      1. Each team member gathers clips using phones or Vocaroo on Chromebooks
      2. REMEMBER: Use the same device/format for ALL recording
      3. Select music (from Soundcloud, Soundzabound, or 30 seconds of a fav song.
    6. Other Audio Softwares out there. Interesting list!
  6. Publish your podcast

    1. Give Ms. R: Good title, hashtag ideas, description, and IMAGE for Soundcloud!
    2. Download your complete podcast as an MP3 and place in your shared folder.  Call it FINAL POD and TOPIC.
    3. Ms. Rautenberg will post it to www.soundcloud.com/ewhs

For Teachers:

Tony Vincents’ Podcasting – Though this field changes continually, there are some good tips and how to’s on Tony’s site, including a downloadable handbook.

Planning a Podcast as an assignment

Pod Sounds for SVE

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