Ms. Stewart’s American Perspectives Multigenre Blogs


Model blog for layout

  1. Log in to your existing Google account. If you do not have one, or if you are working with a partner, go to and create a new account. Do not forget your username and password info.
  2. Go to Blogger, and click on “New Blog.”
  3. Give your blog a tentative title and web address, then choose the “Simple” layout. All of these are things that can be changed in “Settings” and “Template” later after you’ve had more time to think about the most appropriate title, URL, etc.
  4. Once the blog is created, visit its dashboard, and explore the various options available. Notice the sidebar with options for posts, pages, layout, template, and settings.
  5. On the “Template” menu, click “Customize” then choose “Layout”. Select the Layout that has one left sidebar only. Click the orange “Apply to Blog” button at the top right of the page to make sure the settings are saved.
  6. Go to the “Pages” menu, and select to view pages as “side links.” Create new pages for at least 6 artifacts and Works Cited page. You can rename the home page “Dear Reader” or “Statement of Purpose.”
  7. At the end of your project, when you are ready to write your Statement of Purpose, go to “Posts”, and create a post called “Dear Reader” or “Statement of Purpose”, which will be your only post and will appear on your home page. If you are working with a partner, you will have two posts (1 “Dear Reader” post each).

Play around with adding different types of content. Use this Microsoft Word doc to access some practice code: Code to embed in blog

  • Embed the Storybird code from the attached doc into one of your pages.
  • Embed the Glog code into one of your pages. Figure out how to make it smaller.
  • Go to Compfight to find an image you may use. Make sure to search for images that have a Creative Commons license and to give attribution. Add this image to one of your pages. Figure out how to change its size and how to add a caption with attribution.
  • Find a YouTube video to practice embedding video onto one of your pages.

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