Dixon 9th grade Religious Conflicts

  • Gale Virtual Reference Library : Click on ‘High School Collection’ in left sidebar. Password is ‘trial’. Use search bar to search collection for ‘religious conflict’. You can then search within those results for the country. Click on articles to view. The “citation tools” button gives you the option to ‘save’ the citation in MLA format; once you see it, you can copy it onto your source card.
  • Center for Reduction of Religious-Based Conflict : These are the conflict descriptions you read in class.
  • 5 major religions
  • CIA World Factbook – Search for lots of current information about every country in the world. Use the drop-down menu to find your country.
  • Global Peace Index

EW Databases (Click on the EW Databases page above. Find passwords on green cards attached to your computer monitor.)

  • CultureGrams World Edition: Use the drop-down menu at the top left to find one or more of the countries involved in your conflict. Then use the left sidebar to look at religion and history of the country for basic info.
  • ABC Clio World History: The Modern Era (Use the top search bar to search for your country.)
  • ProQuest: Check full-text before entering a query into the search bar. Search for your country; consider adding the word ‘religion’ or the specific religion (i.e. ‘Catholic’) to the search. Ex: ‘Eritrea religion’

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