Extended Essay

  1. Organizational Tips:
    1. Create an EE Doc for brainstorming your thoughts.
    2. Create a folder in your Drive for your EE work
    3. Create a bookmark folder for any source links you find
  2. Topic Selection:
    1. What subjects have you enjoyed?
    2. What topic areas or themes or periods have intrigued you WITHIN those subjects?
    3. Ms. R’s Topic Finder Screencast on GVRL! (In Advanced Search)
    4. Some IB Prescribed International Authors in our library
  3. Background Knowledge: Read 1-2 good overview sources. Take some notes.
    1. GVRL
    2. Britannica
    3. An overview page from a database related to your topic
    4. Database tips
  4. Search Terms List: Can you brainstorm 10-20 search terms now?

Next session: narrowing your question and additional source tips.

Quick survey

Ms. R’s Slides