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Veteran’s Day

We’ll be introducing some great people at our Veteran’s Day Assembly, Wedn, Nov 8th at 9 am. Here’s some background info!

The Edmonds Historical Museum is proud to announce that it has launched the Edmonds Community Oral History Project. Our mission is to conduct oral history interviews with local residents and especially local veterans. In order to ensure that we honor our veterans properly we have partnered with the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress to oversee the preservation and archiving of each interview. Therefore, all interviews conducted with veterans of the United States Armed Forces, including all types of service and rank, will be permanently archived at the Library of Congress. This service is free of charge to all participants. Our volunteers have been trained by Library of Congress historians and project coordinator, Sara Jane Ruggles, to conduct professional interviews that future generations will learn from. If you are interested in sharing your oral history with our project, please contact the Edmonds Historical Museum by phone at (425) 774-0900 or by email at

Here is a link to the Veterans History Project’s website at the Library of Congress where we send all of our interviews with veterans:

Here is also a link to the Veterans Resource Center at the Edmonds Community College. We have also partnered with them as an organization that offers information and support to local veterans: