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Did you know you can put a book on hold?

If a book you want to read is not in the library, you can put a hold on it yourself by logging into Destiny (directions below) or ask one of the library staff to place the book on hold for you.

Using your usual computer username and password, you can log in to Destiny, our library’s catalog, from any computer.




Once you are logged in, you can search for books and:

  • add them to your list of books to read later
  • put a book on hold if it is currently checked out

What happens if you put a book on hold?

  • The library staff receive your hold request. When someone returns the book you want, we will send you a notification in one of your classes. You will have about 3 days to come pick up the book before we re-shelve it.

Welcome Back!

We hope you’ve had a fun summer that was as adventurous or relaxing as you wanted!

Ask at the circ desk for a pushpin to mark your summer adventures!

Come share exciting places you went this summer by asking for a pushpin at the circulation desk and placing it on the map to show all of the places we traveled. It can be here, in another state, or in another country–adventures can happen anywhere!

Library Info for 2012-2013:

Staff: Please ask us whatever questions you may have, and we will do our best to help!

  • Ms. Wolter, Librarian
  • Mrs. Ramborger, Library Assistant
  • Mrs. Nacke, morning Library Assistant

Hours: 7am – 4pm

Behavioral Guidelines:

  • The library is not meant to be a SILENT place, but it is meant to be a QUIET one. Please keep your voices down when working with a group.
  • The library is meant to be used as a place to work, not a hangout. Please respect that so that others who need to be here will have space to work.
  • The computers in the library are meant for student work. Please do not plug in any devices (phones, mp3 players), stream music, play games, or access social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. You may lose computer privileges if you do these things.
  • NO FOOD or DRINK. The only exception is water. Please leave all other items on the front counter before you go through the gate. We will ask you to leave if you have food or drink.
  • Please leave all chairs and tables as they are. Do not move them. Four people MAX are allowed at a table.
  • Conference rooms are available for groups of 5 or more on a first-come, first-served basis. They are to be used for legitimate group work, not as a hangout, and the library rules still apply within them (i.e. no food or drink).

We’re excited to see you back and to hear about your summers!

Did you know the library has MAGAZINES?

Magazine Rack in Reading Area!

In the library’s reading area (with the soft chairs just after you enter the library), there is a shelf with numerous magazines from current and recent months. These magazines are for reading IN the library. The magazines cover a broad range of topics, from news and sports to hobbies and technology.

Relax and read a magazine! Below are the titles we currently offer…but if they are not frequently used, they may not be around for long! Let Ms. Wolter know if there is a different magazine you would like to see in the library.

  • Car and Driver
  • Chess Life
  • Ebony
  • Entertainment Weekly
  • Mad Magazine
  • Make: Technology on Your Time
  • Mental Floss
  • Outside
  • Poder Hispanic
  • Popular Science
  • Shonen Jump
  • Snowboarding
  • World Soccer