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Welcome Claudia Castro Luna

The WA State Poet Laureate, Claudia Castro Luna, is coming to EWHS on Friday, OCT 5, sponsored by the Edmonds Arts Commission! Here’s more info.  And HERE is a story KCTS9 did about Claudia! When she finishes at EWHS, she is speaking at the very popular Write on the Sound Conference in Edmonds.  Busy lady!

Come to meet her for a casual drop-in time to converse with her
about poetry, writing, or her role as our State Poet Laureate. Ms. Castro Luna, born in war-torn El Salvador, is the first immigrant and woman of color in the role. Students in the Edmonds School District are LUCKY to have a chance to meet her!

Friday, October 5th : Drop-in 2 pm – 3:30 pm.  P5 and P6 Theater

Attendance form if you got let out of class is here.

How to PRINT at EWHS!

Watch me!

Join the Battle of the BOOKS!

The Battle of the Books is a club for people who enjoy reading, meeting other readers, eating food in the library (!), and love a bit of fun competition!  We compete with other high schools in May!  All you have to do is start reading the books and come to a meeting in October to fine out more!

Interested?  Intrigued? Want more info?

  • Sign up to receive push notifications about meetings and dates!
  • Open a browser and go to THIS LINK:  More directions here.
  • Here are the books this year!  You’ll find them in the library on the wall behind the couches.

Battle 19 image



Volunteer at the Taste of Edmonds!

Attention Juniors!  The class of 2019 has been invited to be part of the EWHS Waste Warriors to help remove garbage at this summer’s Taste of Edmonds event on August 9-13. The Waste Warriors committee is in need of student volunteers to help make the Taste of Edmonds a success, and to help raise money for the class of 2019’s graduation activitiesStudents working at this event can earn volunteer hours to count towards:

  • IB CAS hours in either the “Service” or “Action” categories
  • Presidents’ Volunteer Service Award hours
  • Elective Credit for Volunteer Service
  • Tri M Music Honor Society volunteer hours
  • Varsity Letter in Volunteer Service from United Way of Snohomish County hours

To sign up to volunteer, click here!!!!

June Bell Schedule!

Click here for PDF of June Bell Schedule.

June bellw

Learn a foreign language!

Websites for Language Learners – have you seen these?!

Duolingo – Fantastic, in-depth website that offers fun, interactive lessons for beginner and intermediate learners in around 30 languages. It encourages daily use with it’s game-like structure that is very satisfying. It also includes forums and other language-learning activities. Entirely free.

Lingvist – Good site for building vocabulary, especially after completing Duolingo as it offers more elevated content. I’d say Duolingo is quality and Lingvist is quantity. Both are excellent. Lingvist is free, but there is a premium, paid version.

Easy Languages – I cannot recommend this Youtube channel enough. The videos are interviews with random people on the streets of Berlin, Nice, etc. with subtitles in the native language and in English. It’s a perfect resource for improving your listening comprehension.

WordReference – Possibly the best translation dictionary out there. Lots of translations and example sentences for words, short phrases, and idioms in many languages. Also has conjugation tables for some languages and great forums.

Linguee – This dictionary works perfectly in conjunction with WordReference. This site searches through all kinds of websites that have already been translated, especially official government sites, to find real translations for more specific phrases. So if you have a phrase that you can’t find a translation for on WordReference, try Linguee.

Wiktionary – Another dictionary that is good for more obscure languages, often including full conjugation tables and pronunciation, though it is not as consistent in what each entry includes as it is edited by users.

Special thanks to Graeme Hafford who gathered this list!