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Clay Mask Research Tips!

Discuss: Why do people put pictures of masks on the internet?

Some great mask collections at museums:

Smithsonian National Museum of African Art
Met Museum’s Masks in the World!!!  
HUGE Mask Collection at British Art Museum
Western Union’s 10 Fascinating Cultural Masks from Around the World

Didn’t find anything there?

  1. DO an image search for a mask using the culture name and the word museum (so you’ll find an image described in an online museum)
    1. Example: “Native american  mask museum”.
    2. Look through the museums that come up and select one.  *Note the URLS and make sure they ARE a museum!!!
    3. If that doesn’t work, click on Images at the top to narrow your focus to just images.
    4. Starting AT a museum, helps you easily find the name and culture of the mask!
  2. Avoid PINTEREST pictures, unless you can find the mask on a MUSEUM or other reputable site

Once you’ve found a mask image, use the items below to gather information

  1. The museum or site or book you found the picture in.
  2.  ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA to gather info and additional pictures!
  3. Library Catalog  (Search for the culture)