EWHS Library Staff

Ms. Rautenberg (Ms. R)

Ms R 11th GradeI loved wearing green and orange as a Woodway Warrior so long ago.  In high school I played volleyball, basketball, and softball.  I sang in the choir and worked as a camp counsellor during the summers.  I majored in math, german, and education at the UW and earned a master in Information Science too.  Now I am a world traveler and an avid backpacker.  I love to tell stories of my many trips: bitten by leeches, caught a piranha and ate it for dinner, and spent a day riding a Thai elephant.  Just ask!

My email is:  [email protected]

Mrs. Huffington: Library Assistant

DawnI grew up in Minnesota (or as some people call it — MinneSNOWta). I played French horn and marimba in high school band, sang in the choir and my favorite subject was (and still is) math — particularly algebra. I moved to Washington in 1975 and love it here. I worked in a hospital operating room for many years, then taught high school math for a few years before moving into library services. I love to learn and be involved in education. My favorite read is historical fiction about the 18th to 20th centuries. Recently I read “The Librarian of Auschwitz.” I like classical music and songs from the 60s and 70s. An oldie but goodie is “Happy Together” by the Turtles. In the library and have a math question? Maybe I can help. Just ask!