Congrats Mello-Aires!

This last Friday Mello-Aires performed at and WON the Pacific Vocal Jazz Festival at Bellevue College!!  They were also recognized as outstanding rhythm section (Nebee, Cedar and Rodney- Rodney who sang tenor parts while playing bass), outstanding soloists (Dominic Nye) and a special judges award to recognize our outstanding lead soprano (Leah Kerr).  Here’s a clip of our featured performance at the evening concert.  Our upcoming performance includes a Motown Themed Choir Quad Concert February 7th at 7pm in the Great Hall , a daytime performance at the DeMiero Jazz Festival Saturday March 4th and our Music Gala March 25th.

Give these Mello-Aires a high-five when next you see them! [Mikala Kim, Julia Kim, Klara Adams, Leah Kerr, Tiia Freeman, Emily Phan, Rachel Mostrales, Noal Leonetti, Zach Rothschiller, Dominic Nye, Josh Anderson, Carson Mock, Rodney Ocfemia, Nebee Yohannes & Cedar Lange]

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