Facebook Changes and Privacy… Think about it!

What do you want others to see now and in the future?

*** How to protect your Facebook Timeline privacy ***
PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO in the above link!!! It is a very clear description of the new privacy settings you need to consider and how to change them if desired.

Some of you Facebook users may have already seen changes to Facebook in recent months as Facebook rolls out its new Timeline and sharing features. If you haven’t seen this yet, you will soon, as Facebook has said it will be rolling out Timeline to all users within the next few weeks. Once Timeline is activated, you have SEVEN DAYS before it “goes live”, during which you should take a trip down memory lane and possibly delete or hide some of the not-so-glorious moments.

“Timeline changes the old Facebook profile from a list of your recent updates to a summary of your life since birth. Among its new features is a cover photo at the top of your profile and a timeline to which you can add life events not previously captured by Facebook. The new profile is thought to be one of Facebook’s most extreme redesigns so far, redefining what a social networking profile can do” (Petronzio).

This is definitely something you should think about before jumping in and posting tons of pictures from the past…or the present. I am providing links to some articles/slideshows below that examine this issue and also show you how to use the Timeline and control various aspects of it. Please figure out how to use the “hide” feature and the new privacy settings, and think about what to show and what to “hide.” As always, think hard before posting ANYTHING that you may not want others to see in the future. Once something is posted, you cannot completely have it removed from the web.

*** Facebook Timeline Privacy Tips: Lock Down Your Profile ***
PLEASE READ THIS!!! It is a very clear description of how to use the new privacy settings associated with the Timeline.

The New Facebook: How to Take Control of Your Privacy
Facebook changes too much sharing for your comfort? Here’s how to control who sees what.

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